Education for Sustainable Development

The production of these videos on Sustainable Development in schools is supported by funding from the Department of Education.


Video 1

Composting with a Hotbin

1 Sustainable Development

Video 2

Composting with a New Zealand Bin

2 Sustainable Development

Video 3

Planting Garlic in a school garden

3 Sustainable Development

Video 4

Sowing Winter-Hardy Broad Beans in a school garden

4 Sustainable Development

Video 5

Sowing Winter-Hardy Broad Peas in a school garden

5 Sustainable Development

Video 6

Planning school garden in January
Junior Infants – 2nd class

Cover Image 6

Video 7

Planning school garden in January
3rd class – 6th class

Cover Image 7

Video 8

Growing Organis Scallions
or Spring Onions

Cover Image 8

Video 9

Growing Lettuces

Cover Image 9

Video 10

Grow Onions from sets in March

Cover Image 10

Video 11

Managing a class sowing carrot seeds in the school garden

Video 11

Video 12

Maintain a raised bed during the summer holidays

Video 12