Connecting with Nature today

A dry, sunny spring day.  Egg-shaped Sycamore buds beginning to open and unfold fresh, pinkish coloured leaves.

Sycamore buds

The Coltsfoot which some people confuse with the dandelion in full splendour. (The leaves resemble a foal’s foot).


Noticed the Greater stitchwort with its star-like petals weaving through the hedgerow for the first time this year. 

Greater stitchwort

The hawthorn is slowly greening, and the ivy berries are looking their best.  Blackbirds and thrushes feed on them in this berry scarce month.  

Hawthorn leaves unfolding

The Lesser celandines (cousins of the buttercup) which have been blooming since February are still displaying their brassy yellowness.  

Lesser celandine

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