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Buds of April

Audio version of the Buds of April By: Paddy Madden New life unfolds in April.  Buds continue to open in woods, hedges, parks and gardens displaying the new, fresh growth within. The black, hard leaf buds of Common ash (Fraxinus excelsior) are among the last to open.  Nonetheless, buds do open on the ash, but these…


Wildlife Gardening

Murmur of bees in the garden. What a glorious sound!  These days we read so much about their decline.  On a walkabout of the garden noticed these plants were attracting the most. Lungwort (Pulmonaria), a shade-loving plant with its bluish-purplish flowers and blotched leaves is constantly visited by bumblebees. Another good one for the bees…


Connecting with Nature today

A dry, sunny spring day.  Egg-shaped Sycamore buds beginning to open and unfold fresh, pinkish coloured leaves. The Coltsfoot which some people confuse with the dandelion in full splendour. (The leaves resemble a foal’s foot). Noticed the Greater stitchwort with its star-like petals weaving through the hedgerow for the first time this year.  The hawthorn…